Harold Smith

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My grandfather Smith was always a bit of an enigma to me - in his life I never took the opportunity to really ask him about his life and growing up. I recently began a family history project, part of which involved scanning in family photos from his family. This experience sparked an interest in him and trying to learn more about him and who he was. 

Life History

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Harold was born in Missouri on 10 October 1921. When he was 9 years old (28 July 1930), his father (John Edward Smith) died suddenly of a heart attack, after losing the farm and nearly everything. After three years, Harold's mother (Harriet Mary Bender) was able to buy a new farm.

Harold was the youngest of five children (Clifton Clement Smith, Frances Margaret Smith, Kenneth Price Smith, and Edward Ezra Smith).  Harold Smith-8Harold Smith-8













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growing up

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Military Life

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Beginning a Family


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Random Memories

At their house in Hagerman, there was a small concrete pond with a bridge across it.

They had a problem with fire ants and so my Grandfather decided to fight fire ants with fire. He poured gasoline down the ant holes and then lit it on fire! Probably not the wisest thing to do, but it sure intrigued a young boy!

He occasionally smoked a pipe, with Prince Albert tobacco; I really liked the smell of the pipe smoke.

Shooting a little .22 pistol in his back yard. I don't think I ever hit anything with it.

Riding on the old tractor with him.