J. Smith Photography | Ashraf Khalid

Ashraf Khalid, Sudan



My name is Ashraf Khalid, I'm from Sudan. I came to American from Jordan. I have about one years in Jordan as a refugee. I'm an engineer, an electronics engineer. I studied at Sudan University of Science and Technology, major in telecommunications. That's my passion, when I was a child.

So, my story. In 2003, the Government of Sudan attack our village in Darfur, so I flee, we flee our village. We went to Al Fashur, in north Darfur state. So, we stayed there in refugee camp, in refugee camp inside Sudan. The Government is starting ... to push us to flee again, from our camps. So we tried to leave, but it's very difficult, it's very tough. So, we don't have food, we don't have shelters, you have nothing. Even security you don't have. I'm thinking to change my situation, my people's, there. So, I tried to study inside the camps, so I went to school. And I finished my school, after that I went to university. I studied engineering five years and after that I returned back to the camp to help my community.

The policies recent ... after that I fled my country ... to the Jordan. After one years ... so, the U.S. visited me and I came ... I came to America in March, March 20.

So, I am free now, everything is good. Twin Falls is a very good city, people are friendly. Everything is good now. So, we are studying here, is friendly people, very helping. That's good.