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Bonfis, Antoinette, Bella, and Mimi


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OK – first, my name is Bonfis, I am from, I am Congolese, but I came in America from Uganda. And I am 21 now old, I am 21, and yeah. I stay here in Twin Falls. I stay with my mom and my sisters, and I’m glad to be here. Yeah, like that.

[[Translated from Swahili to English by Antoinette’s son, Bonfis]]

She is Antoinette Barengette. She came from Uganda, but she was in Uganda, like a refugees, like a refugees, like a refugees from Congo. And she stayed in Uganda almost five years. By God, He help us to come here in America. And that He give her also the opportunity to be here. And now we are here in America, just for one month and half. So, for now I am learning English. I don’t know it well, but I know with God, I know one day I will introduce myself in English without interpreter.

So, in short, we are the refugees, and we have seen a lot of things. In our country, I mean Congo. And we have seen a lot of things, the bad things. And really it take all our energy to decide to move our country. And I have, I have been in Uganda for five years without know where my husband is. And if, right now, I don’t know if he’s alive or he’s dead. And I was in Uganda with my children and I suffered much. My husband took by rebel, I mean, criminal. They took him and they cut him with … then they took my last son and they kill him … in my eyes. Then that criminal they go the place we go for food. Then they, then they kill him … and with my eyes … then they give his … [[I mean, I don’t know how can I say it in English]] … to eat, to eat his body, but I didn’t accept that. They were very, very bad things. And when I remember that things I really fear.

But since when I came here in America, I feel like I start to forget all that bad things. Because I have read, a lot of people, that I mean, there’s people, ok, they help somebody to forget all the bad things that was past. Ok this, this story, this story is very long, we can talk about it like two hours, but in short it’s that.

[[Bella and Mimi speak in English]]

My name is Bella. And I’m from Uganda, I’m refugee, but I come from, Congo I’m 18. And that’s all.

My name is Mimi, I’m from Uganda, a refugee. Um, but from Congo. I’m trying to learn.