The below is a journal that my great-grandmother, Eunice McClellan (Zimmerman) (Gram) kept from April to August 1994, following the death of her husband Vern McClellan (Gramp) in January of 1994. She wrote the journal to Vern and began it on their wedding anniversary, 19 April. The journal is particularly poingnent at times since Gramp took his own life, leaving behind Gram and the rest of the family. Her love for Gramp is evident and she missed him so much. The two of them are now together, with Gram having passed in November 2008.

1978 May Gram Gramp Jeremy Muffin0051978 May Gram Gramp Jeremy Muffin005

Me, Gram, Gramp, and Muffin. Late 1970s.

April 19, 1994

It's our day sweetheart and I'm looking at our picture taken that day and remembering standing in front of Pete Johnson and saying our vows. It was such a beautiful day and we were under your mother's weeping willow tree to have it taken.

We had such a good time that day too. You took me to the neatest Chinese restaurant and had my first taste of Chinese noodles - always after that a favorite of yours I liked to make for you.

We didn't have much money and your mother said the Mormon bishop never kept money given him for performing a wedding so you gave him your five dollars and he kept it.

We didn't have a ring so your mother, bless her heart, loaned us hers. Later you found the beautiful white gold band overlayed with rose and green gold flowers. Over the years the flowers wore off but you always seemed so proud of your choice and I was proud to wear it.

You planned to purchase the matching diamond but the years crowded on us. The depression came and family started - so money was needed other places. I didn't mind. I had my beautiful band and was happy with it.

When you came back from the Islands you brought a gold band and matching diamonds. It was a pretty set but impractical since it was so thin and would soon wear through. I put it aside and went back to my "harness ring" as we both jokingly called it.

Its hard to believe that it's been sixty four years since Nonie said "I want you to meet my brother. I think you'd like him."

It was a quiet day after Gina and the babes went home. They're doing the lawns for me and it helps so much. Arzena called to wish me happy anniversary - she never forgets. Was better than we were a couple of times and we all laughed about that.

April 20

I drove the Shadow of Jerome today for groceries. You would have been proud of me. I was going to stop at Simerly's because I needed some seeds for the garden, but decided I needed more groceries than I wanted at Wendell so made the trip to Jerome - stopped Simerly's on the way back.

Worked on the hill side. I'm really getting it in shape. One more day should do it. You didn't show me how to adjust the sprinklers so I'll have to get LeRoy to show me.

The garden is starting to show a little bit. Will try to get it in shape tomorrow. It's getting warm enough to plant all but the "set outs."

April 21

The hillside has to wait - I thought the berries needed more care than I'd been giving them so I did get all the weeds out. You remember - you [were] going to cut back a row so I wouldn't have so much to pick. I wish you could see them now - there's no end to the new shoots. I will have to have them tilled out or it will be a solid mass of berries. I had the old dead peach tree cut down. Did I tell you that I'd had the trees pruned? Well I did and they look great even the grapes.

April 22

It's Friday and it started out to be another hard day but I decided I wouldn't let it get me down so went out in the berries again. Tied them all up and finished about five o'clock. 'Cause Maggie helped by having her squeaky pushed through the fence all the time. While we were out there the baseball group were clanging the posts for their fence for a game this weekend. Made me think of the times I've picked berries and heard the language that comes from those exciting games - some of it was all new to me.

[Note: Maggie is a dog.]

April 23

It's Saturday. Gloria and LeRoy are helping in the Park. The Chamber of Commerce are doing hamburgers and stuff. Gina, Zack, and Jordan came while I was eating lunch. Gloria had run up for a break so she was here when they came. I fixed more noodles for them and we visited most of the afternoon. Gina cut some seaweed for her clock. She's making a beautiful wall plaque clock with fish. She's really quite talented. Zack had a problem with wet pants - a real accident - but didn't want his Gram's underwear to sub for his while we washed his own. They left about five o'clock and stopped at Gloria's. Willie has a new job and is on a run at the time.

April 24

It's Sunday. Time to get ready for church. Maggie knows when I put on panty hose that I'm leaving soon so she heads for the shed. Gloria and I missed each other and so I drove over alone - my first time! It was a good meeting - stake officials the speakers. We had a fireside in Wendell at six o'clock so we went over - Gloria, LeRoy and me. We took part in the classes that they held following the video on family life. The classes were about family history and genealogy and journals. I had already started this so decided it was a good idea to keep on with it. I know if you can see you can read and if you're busy you can always come back to this.

April 25

It's blue Monday and it's raining. I think possibly all night from the looks of the night crawlers on the basement floor. Sophia came in looking like a drowned rat. I don't know what she's been doing to get so wet but trying to dry her is like having a tiger by the tail! She wants no part of it.

We decided to go to Twin Falls this p.m. since Gloria was busy helping clean after the sale on Sat. and Sun. I wanted to get some extras to put in Jim's birthday gift. I really missed not having you to help me select something for Jim. You always seemed to know what he'd like. We stopped by Gina's on the way home to see how she's doing while Willie is "on the road."

[Note: Maggie is a dog.]

April 26

Tuesday and I had started to move my table back to the east side of the porch yesterday but didn't get very far with it so finished the moving bit. Now I have to clean, was windows. Would like to move that shelf that was always in your way. Think it will fit in the corner so may give it a try. Was worried about Sophia. She had an open sore on her forehead and would cry every time I picked her up like I was hurting her. She slept most of the day and didn't eat which is unusual for her. I'm not sure she didn't fall and get bruised since she's such a climber. I've had to get her off the roof of the big shed twice. You'd really shake your head at her.

April 27

It's Wednesday and I started having a bad day so decided it was time to do some window cleaning. I managed to get all but one of the porch windows done. That one I'm saving to do after I move the shelf. So tonite I have an achy arm but will sleep well from getting things done. I found what was wrong with Sophia. She has a hole the size of a quarter in her hind haunch - really looks angry so I'll probably head for the vet tomorrow. Will miss you not being there to help. The phone rang just now and guess what!! It was Harry Wade. He'd been in New York and Alabama seeing their kids and so that is about all for today. Goodnight Sweetheart - I miss you so much!!!

April 28

So its Thursday and I feel like tearing this place apart. It's still raining - not much - more threat than anything but then you probably know all about that!! I did get the porch re-arranged. Took some doing to get my mind in gear to know what I wanted. I'd taken the lamp down (the expanding one) to move it to the other side. Had to put it back because I moved the sew table back to the west side. This time it stays! Gina and Willie came and mowed the lawn and weed whacked. It looks great!! The rain has been great for it. The garden is the pits right now. Can't see anything coming but radishes. Pat is going to come at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow to look for asparagus. Gloria came by for a while to see Gina and the babes. It was a good day for me - I do miss you!

April 29

It's Friday and Pat and I are going to hunt asparagus. We left about 9 o'clock in the shadow. We hunted all the places we went to last year. Do you remember how late we were getting home? Well it was almost as bad this time. It was 3 o'clock. We stopped at Arzena's and met her son from N.M. Pat had a coke but I didn't want to worry about having to stop for a pit stop. We found quite a bit of asparagus and I have it all in the freezer for Gina. Pat called that evening to tell me about a climbing rose she'd bought at Simerly's. There's so many things I want to talk to you about - so many things I want to tell you! Miss you so much!

April 30

Saturday and I'm up trying to make a cover for that old old hassock. Pieced a bunch of curtains I'd made for something and do have it covered after a fashion. Went out in the garden and cleaned some more in the berries - also along the climbing roses. Tied some of them up and they're already budded. LeRoy came and changed the filter in the water faucet in the little sink. It was getting smelly. Did a little more yard cleaning and decided to call it a day.

May 1

Sunday and it's a long morning - I have read the lesson a couple of times so think if I can't hear - at least I'll know some of what they're saying. Gloria took me over. LeRoy was already there and she had an early meeting, too. It was testimony and I often think about your telling me you almost made a fool of yourself one Sunday by bearing your testimony. I wish now that you'd done just that. The lesson was good and I understood all of it. Jenny and Jim called to thank me for Jim's birthday gift. They're such a great pair and I love both of them so much. What a sad day this turned into. I always feed the babes about 5 o'clock and Sophia didn't come to eat so started looking for her. She wasn't where I looked and I had searched the house and yard four or five times. I was afraid she might be caught under the shed so called Gloria. They came over to help look and LeRoy found her down in their lot inside the fence. She had been hit by something. We have no idea when, why or how. LeRoy buried her at the top of their lot. She was such a sweetheart- full of tricks and into mischief all the time but always had that little face held up for a kiss any time you passed by - all 3 of the animals left have missed her. Another unnecessary death - I wonder why???

May 2

Monday - and we're on our way to Boise. Gloria asked if I'd like to go and since I didn't have a gift for Jeremy's birthday and no Mother's Day gifts I said yes. Gina and the babes went too and we left about eight o'clock or were supposed to - wasn't much later and we stopped first at the outlet mall. It was a neat place and I found several things to buy including two pair of shoes for me! We came home about 5ish - in time for the news any how. Missed so much not having you with me to offer your opinions. They have always been so good.

May 3

Hi sweetheart, it's a quiet day today. Not much doing so have spent most of the time in the garden and yard. Makes me tired enough to sleep so must be helpful.

May 4

It's my day to do my thing so keep your fingers crossed! It's O.K. I drove to Gooding had my hair done and all the way over I was watching the gas tank it showed empty. As soon as Mary finished with the permanent I drove to the Phillips station on the edge of town and filled with gas. That's the last time I'll run that low you can be sure. I'll follow your practice and when it's down to a quarter I'll hunt a station - and I want you to know I pumped my own gas! After I came home I was watering the garden and yard and Maggie went tearing out to tell me someone was going by. I didn'tpay any attention since she does that all the time. I heard someone call to me and looked up and Lou Lawrence was standing there. I was so surrised!! Went up and Floyd was walking around the yard. They were on their way home. Traveling with a $100,000.00 motor home. She drove their Buick and he drove the M. H. We visited for most of the afternoon and I asked them to stay the night which they did. We had a snack for supper and I fixed breakfast for them the next morning. They left about noon. It was so good to visit with them but I so missed having you here to tell some of your stories. You will never get over being missed!!

May 5

Thursday was another yard work day. After the Lawrence's left I was depressed somewhat and it took me a little while to get back into routines. We - Maggie and I walked over for the mail and after that things seemed a little brighter so dug into the chores at hand.

May 6

It's a shopping day. One of those shop 'till you drop days but this didn't turn out that way. Gloria and I went to Twin and she had some stops to make which didn't concern me so I first rested in the car until she was through.- We went to Smith's for groceries and I tried to order flowers for Memorial Day but they said it was too early. We bought the groceries and stopped by Gina's on the way home but they were gone so first came home and put away what I'd purchased. Most of it was for Gina and to be used this coming Sunday.

May 7

It's my day to do the rest of the garden. Planted another row of beans so they won't all come on at the same time. Picked a few radishes and onions for tomorrow. Lou called that they were home and I was relieved. That was a big outfit they were driving. Pat called and said she'd been hunting asparagus and had a bag of it for me. LeRoy came by and he sprayed the alley weeds. I worked some more in the yard and called it a day.

May 8

It's Happy Mother's Day which didn't mean a thing to you where I was concerned. You always said I wasn't your mother and I couldn't dispute that so let it slide. Gina and the babes came. Gloria and LeRoy. Jerry called early and we had a long visit. Jean talked too. We called Jenny. It was Jeremy's birthday and he's 17 years old today. Andy called and it was great to talk with him and then Edith called. Guess you could say it was a great day. Gina and LeRoy mowed the lawn and it looks beautiful. Just wish that it had been you riding that mower.

May 9

Another Monday and I haven't much planned for today so will do some in the garden and yard. I'm having all sorts of trouble with your watering system on the hill. Most of the sprinklers won't turn so have to use the little yard sprinklers. It's really no problem to do that so you shouldn't worry - I'll get by!!

May 10

Joy! Joy! I made it to Wendell to buy plants for the garden and the yard. $119.00 worth! Part of it was sprinklers and watering stuff. Some of it was for Gina. I set out the petunias under the shrubs in front. Hope they grow. Had a rough time keeping Maggie out of the way. She wanted me to throw her frisbee and didn't watch where she stepped.

May 11

I'm on my way to Jerome and Gina's place with a load of plants, cans and tools to set out her garden. She's trying so hard to have a garden and so far it's looking good. I stopped by Gloria's on the way home and we had a short visit. Came home tired and after lunch and a rest I went out on the hill to see what I could do about watering it. The soil soakerI thought I'd bought was a sprinkler which will work well on the lower level. Made sprinklers for the upper part. Hope it will work.

May 12

Thursday and it's time to get my stuff set out. I have 3 rows of tomatoes. Not too close together so it sounds like more than it is. I just have a few more seeds to plant and then it's take care of the weeds. It doesn't look too bad considering. The rows aren't as straight as you made them and I haven't mastered the cultivator yet. I'm still trying and like the little train, "I can do it! I can do it!" Just give me a little more time! I was really tired tonite - good for me!

May 13

Friday the 13th!! Gloria and I went to Twin today. She had a folder to take to the bank and then we went by Sears to find out about an air conditioner for the porch. It's getting too warm out there! Bought one that is supposed to fit in the south end and they have a contractor who will install it next week? Went by Gina's but they weren't home. Stopped at --- in Jerome for groceries. Windy today.

I went to Relief Society party this p.m. Had fun.

May 14

Gina and Willie and the babes came today to do the lawn. We had breakfast - hot cakes and after the lawn was finished Willie and I found worms so he could go fishing. Gina stayed a while and then went over to Gloria's. I tried to wash the --osate off the back porch from the pellet stove. Made a little progress but lots more to do.

May 15

Sunday and church - LeRoy picked me up and brought me home. LeRoy thought we should move the Motor Home and see how it is wintering. We drove out the last of town for a few miles. It sounded great. Now have to buy tag for it before anyone drives the freeway or in town. A quiet day.

May 16

Monday and more watering to do. It's cloudy and threatens rain. I found a leak in the yard and had LeRoy look at it - said we'd have to dig to find cause. Planted corn - had an extra row and worked in the garden most of the day. Arzena called in the evening. Told me about her beautiful lamp like mine that Pat had made. The one you think is so pretty! Have been forgetting to tell you we have Carpathian walnuts on the tree this year!! I looked to see if the wind damaged them and found only one on the ground. 'Course the ground was covered with black walnut blooms. May have a peach or two and apples and cherries. No apricots. I knew what you're thinking - last year's crop of apricots should do for several years!! love you!

May 17

Gina and the babes came today. She is doing some woodwork and uses the jigsaw in the basement. I usually fix a meal for them and watch the babes while she works. It breaks the monotony of being alone every day and we do have some good visits. I love having them and I know you used to too. The contractor came to measure for the air conditioner. He seems like a very reliable person and had some good ideas about what I need for the rest of the place to get it all in shape. I hope I'm not wrong about him. I wish you could tell me. I need you so much.

May 18

It's a cloudy dismal morning and I'm trying to cope. I went to Wendell today for more plants for the garden and yard. I didn't have much for those 3 tubs on the hill so had to get geraniums for that and the one on the patio - plus I'd forgotten eggplants. Then I decided it was a good idea for me to go to Gooding and get the tags for the Motor Home. No need for anyone else to have to do that for me. Came home and set out some of the plants before it rained.

May 19

It's Thursday and not much doing today. I worked some around the house and then in the yard and garden between showers. Gina called me and thought they might come over to do the lawn but it was much too wet for that. They want to go to Burley to shop for Jordan's birthday. Can you believe she is almost a year old!! You loved her so much! and she's a doll.

May 20

It's yard work again and I'm beat. We have a leak by the back row of trees and LeRoy and I have been digging to find how we can shut off the water to that back spigot. I wish I could talk to you!! We've dug ---- big holes. We did find the leak but want to shut off the water and we can't find a --- into it. We'll keep asking you and maybe you will show us!! Gloria called to tell us that the mayor had resigned but then you knew he would!

May 21

Saturday and Gina and Willie and the babes came early. We fixed breakfast and dug worms so Willie could fish. The contractor came to install the air conditioner on the porch so we had lots of activity today. We had lunch and Willie and Gina mowed the lawn. Willie went fishing again and then after they had gone home Gloria stopped by from her stint at the hamburger wagon in the park. She was tired from a whole day down there - had lots to tell about the mayor and city problems. I was tired too so had a good nights rest.

May 22

Sunday and I'd better be getting ready for church. What a sad day this turned out to be. We were told that Randy ----- had taken his own life and the whole congregation was saddened by the news. Gloria stopped by to see how I was doing - then LeRoy came and we three went over to see - - - - Randy's grandparents. It was so sad for them. He was such a joy for them.

May 23

I called Gina and made a date with her to go to Twin tomorrow. LeRoy called about a table for the Historical Society sale. I worked in the garden and tried to keep busy. Was tired so slept well.

May 24

I drove over to Gina's and we loaded the car with babes and took off for Twin Falls. I thought I'd have a lot of stops to make but cut them down a little bit. I did find a few things for your great grandaughter's birthday and I took a couple of ---- of rolls over to the ------- so they could have something for breakfast.

May 25

Another quiet day of work. Will spend most of the day in the yard and garden. Gina called that they might be over tomorrow. Bob Jones came by on a beautiful pair of A------- horses. He had a young girl with him and they want to put the horses in that lot of ours. I said go ahead then called Cliff Jensen to tell him and he said it was great! Bob is going into the hospital for surgery on his knee and he said Tom ----- would be coming.

May 26

Gina didn't come today and I had lunch ready plus cleaned house in the a.m. so the baby could be down on the floor. Will see them tomorrow for sure.

May 27

Friday and we're getting things ready for the yard sale tomorrow. Willie didn't come but LeRoy was here and moved the table down to the basement. Gina mowed part of the lawn before going home. She hit a real gusher in Jerome. Blacked out everything for a while.

May 28

Saturday and it's the big day for the fossil parade. Bob and the little girl are riding in the parade. Gloria is with the C of C. booth and LeRoy the historical. Gina and I did yard sale. Not too bad but still have enough left over for another sale another day. Willie and Zack spent some time at the park and Zack got some fish in the fish scramble. He was so proud and so tired as we all were. Glad that day is behind us. Jenny called.


LeRoy and I went over to Smith's to pick up the flowers for Memorial Day. Came home and went to church. Not a very big crowd. Everyone on vacation. Came home and did some work in the garden. Have to start watering again. So much wind the last two days.

May 30

Monday. Memorial Day. We made baskets for the graves here. Gloria and LeRoy came and we went to Buhl and put baskets out there. We found a potted Mum on your grave and had no idea who had put it there. A--- called in the evening to tell me they had visited the cemetary on Sunday.

May 31

It's cloudy and really overcast today. I think it's a good day to work outside. I did manage to get all the cans off the plants and the tomatoes are all caged. Rain drove me inside so I decided to go to Wendell for some groceries and a few more plants. Ron and Charlene Smith came by this evening and we had such a nice visit with them. We talked a little bit about what will be happening to the church now that Ezra T. has died on Memorial Day. Oh I'm forgetting to tell you I watch each time I go to Wendell or Twin that I'm watching for your cactus to bloom. It's June almost and it should be showing soon. Love you!!

June 1

The first day of June and I can hardly believe the time has gone this fast. I'll go out today and pick up the baskets at the cemetery. LeRoy will bring the ones in from Buhl.

June 2

I've worked out in the yard all day. Will be plenty tired tonite. Gloria stopped by for a few minutes to check on all that's going on.

June 3

It's Friday and Arzena came today to get swiss chard and lettuce. We visited for awhile and then Pat came and she was on her way home from Twin. She took some lettuce and chard too. Willie came that evening to mow the lawn.

June 4

Sat. and I've been out in the alley grubbing iron weed. So much of it and I don't want it to go to seed. LeRoy came over and brought a beautiful hanging basket that we fixed to the patio in the front. We worked some on that leak. Jordan's birthday! One year old!

June 5

Sunday and it's church. Jerry called and we had a long talk about all that I've been doing. Inquired about the air conditioner and told me about Sharon's illness. He's on his way out of town for a training session. The evening was very quiet. I missed you!!

June 6

Monday and I've been doing some "picking up." The basement was messy from yard sale (still is) and the floral stuff from the cemetery. Have an appointment with the dentist to fix my cracked tooth. Keep your arms around me. I need your strength!!

June 7

Tuesday, a quiet day. Jim, Jenny and family went to Kimberly to visit Jim's family. I worked some in the yard and watered. The yard is looking good! You should see!

June 8

What a day this has been. We found how the water gets to the back. Jim suggested we make a new faucet next to the shed and c-- out the one next to the house and under the trees. We did and joy, joy it's going to work. The Sears man came today and said if he had the job done like mine on the air conditioner he would be damn mad!! They are supposed to remedy the whole job!! Thank goodness for Jim doing this for me!

June 9

It will be a quiet day. I've lots of watering to do, some yard work. Jim and Jenny are going to Mt. Home to visit. Gloria and LeRoy are working. I didn't feel good today. Worked in the roses to clar the weeds and felt real bad when I came inside. Wondered if you might be needing me and if this was the day. Took penicillin and felt better so it must have been a bug.

June 10

Saturday and it's to be Jordan's birthday party. I know you're thinking this is not her day but it was decided we should wait till Jenny could be here to make the cake! I went over to Gloria's for the event. It was a nice day and she was so cute with her rocking horse. She would be a favorite of yours I'm sure. Gina and Willie mowed the lawn. Gloria, LeRoy, Jim, Jeremy and Willie worked in the park selling hamburgers most of the day. I came home, watered, and rested. Had a long visit by phone with Chuck and Shirley. It was so good to talk with them. Pat and Arzina came byand we had a short visit. I really enjoy them.

June 11

Sunday and I'm not going to church today. I'm missing my front teeth so hate to go and have to hold my hand over my mouth to hide my missing teeth. I'll study the lesson and maybe that will count for something??

June 12

I'm going to stay home today hoping they will call about the tooth problem. They did call and wanted me to come in tomorrow but I have the Sears contractor coming tomorrow and so made an appointment for Wed.

June 13

I went for the mail and could see someone stopped at our place so hurried home. It was the Sears man and he had stopped to see what he needed. Bob Jones and Tom Burk stopped by.

June 14

The man came and worked on the A/C - Maggie helped!! He did a beautiful job and I don't have to worry about spiders crawling out from under. Everyone is real pleased!!

June 15

Today Jeremy Rachel and I will go to Gooding for the dental appointment. Jim and Jenny, Gloria and LeRoy and Gina all went to Boise today for Gina's temple endowment. Zack and Jordan stayed at Gloria's with baby sitters. Jeremy and Rachel were here. We went to Jerome for gas for teh car and we shopped at Ridley's after the dental appointment. All were back about 6 o'clock.

June 16

Jim and Jenny, Gloria, LeRoy, Rachel, Jeremy and Zack started out this a.m. for parts and places unknown. They plan to head north for some sightseeing in the at area and will wind up at Baker Oregon to see the museum there. They went in the motor home!

June 17

I had a real bad night last nite so have an idea that I'll be dopey all day. Managed to get some garden work done. Tied up the berries yesterday. Arzena called that she bought a new used car a Dodge (no less). I went to Wendell again today. I lost Maggies' choke collar the last time we went for the mail so had to buy another one. I went there yesterday to get Father's Day gifts. Gina called this a.m. to ask if I'd like to go to Ketchum with them today. I didn't want to go so told her "no." Bob Jones came by yesterday to tell me he'd talked with the mayor and it was o.k. to put horses in our lot.

June 18

Saturday and Gina and Willie will come to cut grass. I called Gary Stone about his books and ordered two of them for Father's Day gifts. The kids came with Jordan. Had lunch with them and they left for home after cutting the grass. It was lonesome tonite and I miss you!! Forgot to tell you the cherries are ripe - no worms yet!!

June 19

Father's Day and you're not here!! I finished the last rows in the garden this a.m. then turned the water on so it would be ready to till the furrows. It was a quiet day. Gary Stone said he might come by today and since I didn't have any idea about time I decided to stay home all day and not go to church. Gloria called about then thirty that they were home. I was quite relieved since I wasn't sure they wouldn't be having car trouble.

June 20

For some reason I miss you this a.m. I wondered why I'm here and just what I'm trying to prove. Well I guess I proved I had to get going to Wendell to have my tooth fixed. I stopped a minute to chat with the kids about their trip. They were all glad to be home but said it was great. Got the tooth filled and made an appointment for tomorrow.

June 21

On my way again. Think this little car is getting used to me!! Had the second filling and now I should be good for another ten years? Gary Stone and his brother Larry came by with the two books I'd ordered. We talked about you and Sun Valley and Ketchum since both of them worked up there. Jenny and Rachel came over this evening to show pictures of their trip. They seemed to have had a really nice time.

June 22

It was a quiet day today. I worked in the alley before it was too hot. Jim, Jenny and family went to Kimberly to see Wilma and Harold. Jenny came by after they were back. Picked raspberries.

June 23

Everyone's getting ready for the kids to go home. Jenny came over with Gina and babes and we visited for a while. Jim and LeRoy came this evening to pick up the welder. He seemed really pleased he had it. I'm sure you're pleased!!

June 24

It's the big day for the kids to leave. I drove over since I had the geodes they had forgotten. Saw them on their way and came home to finish picking berries. Pat came by and I gave her the neck scarf. We picked some of the left over cherries in the tree. Don't think they were too wormy.

June 25

It's Saturday and not much doing today. Tried to clean up the alley. Have the trash out there bagged. Haven't a whole lot to do to finish it. Willie mowed the lawn and I watered a little after he left. Mary Ann Metcalf called and told me her granddaughter had survived her second operation on her ear. I was so thankful to hear it. It was a very serious operation and they were all worried.

June 26

Church day! and I enjoyed the service and the lessons. Jerry called this a.m. and we had a long visit. I am concerned about Jean's Sharon she isn't doing well. Would that you would help out there?? I wrote that Jerry called - I called him! After church Gloria took me visiting teaching and we stopped by Joe and Myra Peterson's place to see how she is doing. They're our neighbor's you know and I was real pleased to meet them. She's Pete ----'s sister which you probably know. Tiff and Dorothy called this evening about the reunion and I didn't have a for sure answer for them.

June 27

Monday has rolled around and I have berries to pick. So far they've not been all that good. If the Schwan man comes today I'll give them to him if he wants them. I decided the shrubs needed trimming and I thought I could use the trimmer but found out it was too much lifting over my head and that sucker isn't light so resorted to scissors again. They don't look too bad and my arms are letting me know I've done enough for one day.

June 28

I've a mess to clean up in the yard so best I be at it. The watering is going good. Even with the heat the yard looks good. Roses are sick because they're all turning brown. Will have to cut them back if I can get to it. Pat came this afternoon to borrow the ladder that you made. She has something in mind to do to her house and needed it. I gave her one box of berries. The Schwan man was elated over the ones I gave him. Sent letters to Edith and Tiff and Dorothy today. Trying to get caught up on my letter writing. Cleaned out my ornament counter. Haven't been back there to work since Jan[uary]. My inspiration died that day and I haven't been able to even look at the stuff. Maybe now I can with your help please!!

June 29

Gloria and I are going to Twin today to look at a cabinet - storage kind I saw an ad at Shopko and I think I can make it work.

June 30

Happy Day!! The cabinet looks like it will be a dream. I had planned to put it where the grill is now. I know I'd have to tear out your cabinet and do some repair work that the cabinet would hide. I've decided against that. I can't tear out what you've built and I now how much you prided us for having the grill so it stays!! LeRoy took our little car to Twin to pick up the cabinet. He changed a soaker hose for me that had a hole in it. Also went to Sears and they canceled $200.00 on my bill for the installation fee they'd charged. What a day he made for me!!

July 1

Gina and Willie came to mow the lawn. I fixed lunch for them and they were in a hurry to get back because the missionaries were coming.

July 2

Gloria and LeRoy are going to Hailey for a class reunion for Gloria. They plan to be gone all day. I had washed windows yesterday and Willie had helped me put the windows back so I thought it would be a real good day for a rest. So I picked raspberries and watered some of the yard. Not much rest but not too bad either. Arzena called in the evening.

July 3

It's Sunday and I have a meeting with the bishop about my temple recommend. I didn't see the bishop but Mike Owsley said he would do the interview. You know of course what happened. Yes. I told him I drank one cup of coffee. Yes I told him I wasn't wearing my garments. No I didn't lie. You know that is not my way. Anyhow he gave me the certificate. We had a good cry between us which bonded us for sure. Really like that boy. The stake president was very kind. Signed the slip and cautioned me to get the garments which I said I would do.

July 4

It's the 4th of July. It will probably be a quiet one for me. They have a funeral for a young boy who drowned and I'm making a casserole to take to the church. Will keep me busy for a little while. Arzena is coming for the berries. I went over to Gloria's to find out what time I should have the food ready and she said the funeral is tomorrow!! Me again forgetting!! So I decided it was a great day for doing windows. LeRoy took off the screens. I put Maggie in the house and started out. Was finished by one o'clock and they look great! Still have the porch to do but that I can manage alone. I think. LeRoy put the screens back for me.

July 5

What a day this has been!! I fixed a couple of casseroles to take to church for a boy's funeral. I stayed and helped with the dishes and cleaning up. Felt real good - like I was doing it for you! It's what you'd want me to do.

July 6

Hoed in the garden because it was cool. Picked berries in the afternoon. Not as much a crop as we usually have. Twelve or thirteen cups is about all but it sure takes lots of time.

July 7

LeRoy will take me to Twin today so I can buy my garments. Want to go to Sears to get a washer and dryer for Gina. Found one that satisfied me. Cost a little more than I wanted to pay but think it's worth it. Bought groceries, took berries to Gina and came home to finish watering.

July 8

Friday and the kids are coming tonite to mow the lawn. Bob Jones called to tell me he had taken the horses out of the property. Gloria told him someone had complained. Willie and Gina came with the babes in the afternoon to mow. We relaxed on the front porch after dinner and it was a beautiful evening. The yard looks great!!

July 9

It's a quiet day for me. Elder Anderson's funeral and Gloria will attend. LeRoy has to work and Gloria will be down at the park helping C of C. I picked berries. Not much of a crop this time.

July 10

Another quiet Sunday. Vacuumed the house before going to church. Came home and fixed lunch and relaxed. Missed you!! Could see you sitting on the bench in front of us!!

July 11

Busy picking time again. Started to pick and decided to wait until next day. Gave what I had to Bud Jackson, Schwan man. He was so happy with them.

July 12

Did pick the berries. Getting less and less. Not doing so well. Think the ----- are too thick. I've kept them good and wet so don't have an idea about what is wrong. Need your advise!!

Called Gina to find out if the washer and dryer came and she said not till after two o'clock and she would call me. Gloria came over and while she was here Gina called that the w & d were installed and she was doing a washing. Was really thrilled with it!! You'd be happy for her!!

July 13

A real quiet day. Arzena came to bring back the berry boxes and she stayed until noon. I'd picked beans, potatoes, onions and cukes for her and she was real happy. I had spent the morning putting some picture albums in order so spent the afternoon watering and doing inside chores.

July 14

Really ambitious today. Cleaned the dining room cabinets and they really shine. Then I cleaned the cabinet by the TV enter. Put my little miniature bottles on the bottom shelf. Had to move some of your cars around. Hope you don't mind. Wanted to get some of the boxed stuff out of the closet in the little bedroom. Had a weird call tonite. Not really weird, just unusual from Marilyn Stevens. She wanted me to help her relocate money --- and whatever I could do for her. I was really sorry for her since she was having problems with family and had no one to turn to. Wish you could have been here to help. I'm trying to cope with it. I told her to keep me posted.

July 15

Friday and the day is already here. I have berries to pick and groceries to buy. Gloria is in Ketchum to work today. Went up last night and won't be back until late this evening. I worry about her driving so much. Any how I will be on my own today. I did get to Jerome and bought groceries that was much needed. Couldn't even make gravy - didn't have flour. Thought I had a whole tub of it so can't depend on my thinking anymore. You always did say not to use my mind!!

July 16

I walked over to Gloria's this A.M. and on the way stopped to talk with L--- Pa--. She didn't know who she was talking with until I went to go on by and she asked my name. She was so surprised and gave me a big hug and of course I hugged back since she needed it too. Anyhow she asked if I knew of anyone who'd be interested in doing her lawn so I said I'd ask Gina and Willie and they went up to do her lawn after doing mine. I called Aloa to tell her about Marilyn's call last night. She was crying and wanted help that I couldn't give her so felt the family should know her predicament and maybe they could comfort her. I hope I did the right thing?? Wish you could help me!!

July 17

Sunday and we went to church. It was a beautiful meeting. Susan-- Jensen spoke and it was a very inspiring speech. I really like her! The gospel class and Relief Society were the best ever.

July 18

Monday and I'm trying to get everything wet again. You can turn off this heat as far as I'm concerned. Our grass is drying. Gloria and I went to Twin Falls to shop for groceries and to look for birthday gifts for Claire, Rachel, Jenny and of course Gloria - (no ideas there), but did find a gift for Claire. Came home and finished the water and rested. Arzena called late that she'd bought a freezer. I tried to sleep but couldn't so got up and read some of the gospel.

July 19

It's berry picking day. I miss you so much when I pick them. You used to check on me every little while. Didn't have much of a picking this time. Took them down to Susanne Jensen. --- came by with the ladder she'd borrowed and we picked beans, peppers, cukes, zucchini and cabbage for her. Gloria is on her way to Ketchum to work tomorrow. Watch over her on her way home!!

July 20

I'm doing garden today. Want to clean up the berry patch (strawberries). Wash day too so I'll be busy! I did get the strawberry patch cleaned. Wish you could see that little peach tree. It was too cold when it bloomed so didn't see anything on it until the other day. One of them measures 11 inches. You'd really be amazed!! The other little tree has a few that look like -------. These are ----.

July 21

It's supposed to be hot today so I'm getting the yard work done early. Cleaned outside the garden fence and sacked it all for garbage. Will start to water again tonite. Want to get all of it covered before Sat. when the kids usually mow. Cleaned some inside. Packed the -oast-- gift for Claire and Andy.

July 22

Supposed to be quiet today. Gloria will be in Ketchum all day. Haven't heard when the kids expect to mow but probably tomorrow? Will do some more cleaning while I wait.

July 23

LeRoy came today and weed whacked. Did a much better job than has been done before. He and Gina mowed the lawn. The babes were at Gloria's and since there's a celebration about the 24th they may all go to Gooding to help.

July 24

Sunday and Gloria and LeRoy are the speakers today. It was a beautiful meeting with an exceptional musical program. The classes were all exceptionally good. Felt good after coming home. You would have enjoyed!

July 25

Berry picking day again. Not much to pick but I did clean out some of the old stocks. Had to. They're getting so thick I can't get up and down the rows. Miss you and your tiller.

Have some little melons sitting on the vines. They need some cultivation. Will try to find some time. Too hot these late afternoons!! Even your patio is quite warm.

July 26

Went to Wendell today to get a few groceries. Not sure just when ---- and Ralph will arrive but want to have something I can prepare with little or no heat! At least little effort. She wrote that they would be here after the 27th.

July 27

I cleaned house all day and finished watering. I thought I'd have some extra time but things kept popping up so I was slowed to a crawl. Not unusual for me anymore. E--- called this evening to say they would be here some time Friday so I have a little more time to get ready for them. I suppose you know by now that you and Alma have company - Jim Isel-- has gone. Know you'll be welcoming him!!

July 28

Was supposed to be a quiet day but managed to keep it busy. Picked berries and garden stuff. Everything is starting to produce.

July 29

Gina and Willie came to do the lawn. I fixed breakfast for them on the grill. Made cooking breakfast a lot faster. I had egg plant, cabbage, peppers, zucchini to send home with them. E--- and Ralph came about noon so we visited and had supper that evening. They have a van that is all equipped with facilities so they slept in it that night.

July 30

Sat and we decided to tour the fish ponds. Went to the state hatchery and we were disappointed since none of the runs were filled so went to Clear Lakes where we saw the new sturgeon in the tank. He was very active so all were impressed. Gloria, LeRoy and Gina went to Boise and stopped by on their way back.

July 31

Sunday and E--- and Ralph left about 11:00 o'clock. They planned to stay in Boise to visit with Carol and Dick Jones. I relaxed after they left and couldn't seem to get much done except the watering which some areas needed.

Aug . 1

Bill paying day and I have spent all morning paying bills. Now it's time to get them in the mail. Decided to make a quick trip to Jerome and King to buy tape and ribbon for Claire's gift. Didn't take long so had some time left for the berry patch. I'm pruning out the old stuff. Tired tonite!

Aug. 2

Pruned two rows of berries and picked whatever was ready s I pruned. Went to bank for cash and mailed bills on the way back. It was a full day for me. Had a surprise visit from a hummingbird in the berry patch. I keep forgetting to tell you I found all that kale seed that I saved that time!! Next year we'll have kale all over the place!

Aug. 3

This has been a fairly quiet day for me. I did get the two packages ---- ready to go. One is for Claire and the other is a cabinet that the Franklin Mint sent and was charging me 125.00 for it!! So sending it back. I did some sewing in the afternoon and it was too hot to do much else so watched the hummingbirds on the patio.

Aug. 4

You should see the pile of garbage that I've found in the berry patch. Won't be much to do next spring for sure. Found some ripe tomatoes so will have a bumper crop before long. Gloria stopped by for a few minutes. Good to have her close! Missed you today!!

Aug. 5

Finished the berry patch. Tide all the bunches and can finally see the ground under them. Turned the water on them so should have more berries soon.

Aug. 6

Went to Twin with Gloria. Stopped by Gina's on the way! Changed some garments that I didn't like and bought groceries. It was a hot afternoon so didn't do too much but water.

Aug. 7

Went to church. It was a good meeting. Too warm to do much after coming home so just relaxed and read. It was a dull evening without you!! So many questions I want to ask!!

Aug. 8

Hair day! Thank goodness it's an early appointment or I don't think I'd manage. Home at about ten o'clock so did some clean up work in the strawberry patch. Peaches on the little tree are turning and the robin's think they're ripe so have to watch them. 'Cause a good wind will find them all on the ground. I was tired tonite. LeRoy came for twine to tie up his roses. Arzena called about 9:00 p.m. Said she wouldn't be over tomorrow.

Aug. 9

I tried to get some more of the weeds out of the garden and did manage to clear a couple of rows. Went with Gloria to Relief Society ---- meeting and helped tie a couple of quilts. Home about 10:30 - late for me to be out!!

Aug. 10

Another day of doing a little bit in the garden. Picked a small bucket full of tomatoes and took them to Mae Fallon in Bliss. Gloria stopped by a couple of times. Took the package to mail to Claire and Andy. Was cooler today on the porch so ironed and did some little bit of hand work. Kids are coming tomorrow to mow lawn so will not be alone!-

Aug. 11

Cleaned some of the debris from the garden and berries. Garbage day and I can fill three bags real easy. Gina and the babes came to mow the lawn. We had lunch and they left to visit Gloria and let Zack have a swim.

Aug. 12

The tears are flowing today for some reason. I can't seem to stop them. Was a really sad day for some reason. Couldn't concentrate on any one thing. Watered the hill side and back. Finished an ornament started last Dec.! Picked some of the peaches on the first little tree. Birds are getting to them. Getting tired of being on my own. Wish you'd come back!!!