J. Smith Photography | Ushindi Butinda

Ushindi Butinda, Congo


Ushindi-1Ushindi-1Ushindi Butinda

This is the story of Ushindi Butinda, who has come to Twin Falls from the Congo.


Hello, I am Ushindi Butinda. I am from Congo, I am a Congolese by nationality, but I … was in Uganda as a refugee for about 10 years. I’ve just arrived here in Twin Falls. It’s now one month since I, since I came here. And coming here was … like a miracle to me.

I never knew that one day I would be in USA because the life I was living it was really, really … I don’t how I can say … Whether troublesome or painful, miserable. So, I passed through a lot, really, really a lot.

You have to, you leave your original country. In most cases I say that, it’s better to be hungry in your own country. Where you have your, your auntie, you have your uncle, like if you are hungry maybe you can even go to your uncle and say, hey uncle I’m hungry and uncle will do something. But it’s really painful and, and … very, very painful to be hungry in a place where you don’t have anyone. In a place, I don’t know how they call it in English, where you run to for a rescue, but the people whom you thought that they can stand with you or help you in one way or another … they don’t care, they don’t mind. They discriminate you they … a lot of things. So it was really very bad experience for me. And a very painful experience.

By God’s grace and mercy and … He opened for us a way to come to USA, which was like BOOM. Oh, God, it was after very many years of suffering, no education, no food, no … and after that ... He helped us, we came here. And I’m happy to be here. I’m really, really happy and whenever I remember my life, I thank God. Because here in USA since I came here I have where to sleep, I have food, I don’t go hungry anymore.

And I have a hope of going back to school, complete my education, have a profession. I am already working, I started working yesterday. Which is being lucky, than … I can say I am a lucky girl because I’ve been here only one month and only one month and I’ve got a job. And I thank God for that. And I thank the USA Government for this opportunity they are giving refugees. It’s really a very big chance they give us to realize ourselves again. And stand on our feet again and move forward with life. I’m happy for that.